Think salads are boring?

Think salads are boring? Think again.

Make your summer sizzle with imaginative salad combinations – mix up flavors, and add greens with a twist of fruit and herbs, or seeds and nuts. Hold the mayo, and use healthier options like yogurt.

Sweet, crunchy, bold.

We love salads. Crunchy, soft, zesty, sweet, you name it, we love it. Salads offer so many possibilities for unusual pairings. To kick your summer barbecue off on the right foot, try a hydrating cucumber salad with strawberries, juicy red tomatoes and mint. Drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar over your strawberries. On the side, a lovely yogurt-based dressing offers a tangy complement.

Strawberry, cucumber and mint salad
How about coleslaw?

Not keen on all that mayo? Again, yogurt is a terrific way to reduce the mayo and add some flavor to traditional slaw. Cut up a few pieces of apple, grate carrot, slice up your green cabbage and toss. For contrasting color (and goodness) consider adding a cup of blanched kale. Yes, kale is packed with vitamins, but it can taste a little bitter, especially raw. Blanching or steaming lightly keeps it tender while making it more palatable.

If kale is too radical, then try baby leaf spinach.

We love spinach, although it can be hard to eat in mixed company – something is always falling off the fork. Here’s a tip to making the most of spinach without turning it to mush. Place two cups of baby leaf spinach in a colander. Rinse well. Then pour a kettle’s worth of boiling water over the leaves (with the colander in the sink). It blanches the leaves, but saves the goodness. Mix your greens in with your slaw, add the yogurt with seasoning (a shake of smoky paprika adds flavor without calories). For nutty households, throw some pecans and sunflower seeds on top. Go Popeye.

Mange. Mange. Mange.

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