Live-edge furniture is organic by design

A live-edge therapy session

The first thing you notice about milling lumber is it takes a lot of work to take something natural and make it straight and square. It also requires the most cylindrical, defect-free logs. When timber was cut and sawed by hand, every piece was used. Today, much is left in the burn pile as waste. Whole trees are often left to rot because they have little or no market value. Pioneers understood the value of live edge furniture.

Built for a lifetime

Live-edge furniture is captivating, with a rustic style that is crafted as if destined for some Viking lodge at Valhalla. Supported by stout limbs, hand peeled with the draw knife, these pieces – a table or bench, are built for a lifetime. Elegant enough for fine dining, and strong enough to dance on (if it came to that).

Reborn as three dimensional art

It starts with the slab – a gift from the island of misfit boards. Split on the mill, book matched as a table top, sanded and finished to high standards, these liberated objects become family heirlooms. Their charm is unmistakable. Each piece reveals the hidden sculpture of imperfection locked inside those twisted, knot ridden, and grainy logs. Mistakes in nature are suddenly reborn as three dimensional art.

Live-edge furniture is contemporary and rustic

We are artisans that create hand-crafted, live-edge tables – coffee tables, occasional tables, dining tables. Beautiful, natural grain, hard-wood – each piece is unique, with its own story – a blend of traditional and contemporary style, suitable for any home. We think bringing the outdoors inside transforms your interior into a living space. In urban, suburban and rural decor, live-edge furniture can help you create an experience your guests will remember.

Bring the outdoors inside

What could be more fitting than a made to order, wild, waney-edge table, worktop or breakfast bar to serve your guests the perfect supper? If you are designing an interior space, consider including one of our made-to-measure pieces as part of your vision. To learn more about live-edge furniture, contact us – we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.