A rose like no other

Dear Mom – you are a rose like no other

Dear Mom,

You are a rose like no other. You sowed the seeds of a lifetime – actions, words, memories that guide me still. I wish I could be with you in South Carolina today – on Mother’s Day – to give you a hug and tell you how much the things that you’ve done all your life continue to make such a big difference in mine!

I remember

I remember how, with five kids, graduate school, and a career, you still managed to grow beautiful flowers every year – daffodils and tulips, roses and phlox, chrysanthemums and Black-eyed Susans, pansies and violets. And a wonderful vegetable garden – with rows of Silver Queen corn, yellow and green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes, zucchini and summer squash. I remember the old garden shed, the careful transplanting, and the value of bone meal for root health. You taught us to cut thick turf and shape raised beds. The beds were mulched with peat moss and framed by velvet clover walkways (just wide enough for the mower).

I remember how much your mother – our Grandmother (who we more affectionately called Nanny) taught you while you were growing up. She worked hard, just like you. I remember the taste of the first homegrown cucumber and tomato sandwiches; the table full of cucumbers to make bread and butter pickles. And the roses – the scent of sweet roses displayed in vases on the screen porch.

Summer has turned the corner

Here in New England, just past your 89th birthday, we’ve finally turned the corner towards summer. Today is a day for seeding, transplanting, nurturing, and mulching. There is so much for me to do – in the nursery, the greenhouse, out in the gardens and raised beds. The days and summers don’t stretch on endlessly as they seemed to when I was a boy.

Now I understand why you always watered the gardens in the dark quiet of night. You were so busy – taking care of everything that was growing around you – us, the vegetable patch, the raised beds, the roses. You were sowing the seeds of a lifetime – our memories.

Happy Mother’s Day

I’m sorry I can’t be there to help celebrate this very special day, Mom. In my place, I am writing you this letter – writing down my thoughts of you. I am sharing these memories in this blog post – to help you remember all the wonderful things you did all your life. Your actions, my words, these memories – I will remember them for you, as even today, they continue to shape my life.

I love you Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.